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So, maybe you're a busy person with not enough time to cook daily. Or maybe you're out with family and don't want to bring a packed lunch. You can still eat healthy on the go.

One option is picking salads without the croutons and crackers. I like to eat mine without dressing when I'm on a strict plan. I sometimes will add a little bit of Bragg's apple cider vinegar or lemon juice for more flavor. I suggest using a tablespoon of dressing for less calories if you can't go without it. Pay attention to the sugar content. Ranch and blue cheese dressings normally have the least amount. I love Bolthouse Farms brand because it has less calories and is yogurt based.

Another thing you can do is order a bun-less sandwich. I got this chicken club sandwich from Chic-Fil-A. You can also do this with burgers from your favorite restaurant. To me it's just as tasty without bread.

Out for dinner? The possibilities are endless. Order a steak with two vegetables as a side. Top it with grilled mushrooms or onions from your favorite steakhouse and you'll still be satisfied.  Want more tips?    Click the shop link and download our e-guide, Eat Healthier Anywhere.

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