Why detox?

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You can lose weight without detoxing, but you will have better results if you do. The average person has at least ten of pounds of waste sitting in their body. This is very harmful as it has been shown through studies that most diseases start in the gut.  Detoxing can give your weight loss and overall wellness journey the boost it needs by removing the old waste and toxins from your body. 

Here are a few more reasons why you should detox:

1. Speeds up the metabolism.

2. Helps identifies allergens.

3. Improves digestion.

4. Removals parasites and toxins stored in the body.

5. Improves bowel movements.

Our SlimDetox combo allows you to cleanse your upper and lower GI during its one week process.  Most people lose up to five pounds of old waste during this process.  Click the shop link to purchase yours today!


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