HCG Diet


HCG Diet:

HCG diet is a rapid weight release program invented by Dr. Albert T. Simeon.  He noticed obese patients shed weight quickly in their stomach, buttock, hips, thighs when given doses of HCG.  This information is detailed in his book, Pounds and Inches.  This diet is a good fit for those who want to lose weight aggressively. Patients may lose up to 28 pounds in 28 days following the plan. 

HCG is a hormone that is naturally produced during pregnancy and it also produced in men.  This program works by allowing the natural HCG hormone to use stored body fat for energy while suppressing your appetite.  This, paired with a low calorie diet given by SlimFit  Alabaster, allows you to lose up to a half of a pound or more daily through rapid fat loss!  

This program is excellent for shedding stubborn fat stores, increasing energy, maintaining lean muscle tissue, and may tighten saggy skin for some.  It totally resets your metabolism and hormones and leans your body out.  Once the low calorie plan is completed we will teach you how to maintain your new weight.

HCG Injections may only be purchased inside our clinic.  Patients must have a BMI over 26 to participate in this plan.

HCG Package Includes:

  • Health Assessment
  • HCG Wonder Drops 
  • SlimLipo 4x1 Injection (in-clinic purchases only)
  • SlimDetox Package (1 week supply)

Cost: $249.99