Vitamin Injection Therapy

Vitamin Injection Therapy

Weekly Vitamin Injection Therapy

After your initial visit, you are encouraged to come in weekly for your SlimLipo or B12 injections. Patients who visit weekly for their injections have far better success losing weight due to consistency.  These injections can be received as often as every 72 hours. 

Injection Costs:

  • B12 - $10 - This injection works to boost your energy.
  • SlimLipo - $15 - This injection contains methionine, inistol, and choline which are combined to help burn fat.  This injection specifically focuses on burning fat by stimulating liver function, boosting metabolism, and delivering antioxidants that help the body break down fat cells. It may help to reduce inches in your midsection. 
  • Double SlimLipo - $25 -  This injection contains double the amount of ingredients in our SlimLipo injection for more fat burning.   
  • 4-in-1 SlimLipo - $36 - This fat burning and energy boosting injection combines the power of double the Lipotropic (Methionine, Insitol, and Choline), L-Carnitine, Chromium, plus vitamins B6 & B12.  It also includes a mild appetite suppressant.  

 **  All injection therapy services must be performed inside our clinic.  We also offer natural supplements for patients who cannot come into the clinic.